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Tips for finding quality domed decals

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Visual identification is crucial to any brand identity. To improve its image, it's worth investing in high-quality decals. We have prepared some tips to make it easier for you to make the order.

Are you a producer? Do you sell and deliver products on a daily basis? Then you probably know how essential is branding for the business's success. It may not seem that important at first glance - but exposing brand symbols can really influence sales. Well-adjusted, good-quality domed stickers with a company logo are a great addition to your branding strategy - they can help you with building recognition among potential customers.

Domed decals - how to choose good quality ones?

#1 Check the material

If you want your domed decals to maintain their quality even in harsh conditions (exposure to rain, high humidity, UV radiation), make sure to choose variants covered with a protective layer of clear vinyl or polyurethane. Such scratch resistant domed coating will help you avoid mechanical damage and discoloration natural for printed objects.

#2 Set up the color palette

Maintaining a uniform visual identification through different offline and online channels is essential to successful branding. Thus, you should make sure that the ordered domed labels really reflect the colors defined in the brandbook. To do so, provide the label producer with a Pantone color code. Resistant coating will prevent your decals from loosing color as a result of exposure to sunlight.

#3 Define the dimensions

Domed labels are mainly used for the products, so the small sizes are the most common. But most producers are flexible in this aspect, printing even really large decals that can be later used for the purposes of trade fairs or to decorate the space. 

Three-dimensional domed labels - is it worth it?

Instead of applying typical flat stickers, consider using 3d domed decals. They give you much broader possibilities in terms of texturing your branded items. 3d domed decals catch the eye and give your product an exclusive vibe, especially if you choose a carved texture imitating metal. 

You can also use such domed badges as an alternative for traditional signboards or for the purposes of branding space in the case of a special event. Contrary to common conviction, they are not much more expensive than the standard 2d decals. Regardless of your volume of production, you can order domed labels at an affordable price. Remember that it's an investment that pays itself in increased recognition and better brand image.