Saturday, 30 April 2022 11:14

What are proxy servers? pixabay

Many of us currently cannot imagine functioning without the Internet. Unfortunately, a very common problem is insufficient privacy protection, which in some cases can be extremely dangerous.

An excellent way to protect your own security on the network are so-called proxy servers, which are becoming more and more popular. When you decide to use them, you can choose the generally available ones, the quality of which, however, is questionable. Local proxy servers provided by professional companies are a much better solution. What are proxy servers and what exactly do they work for?

Proxy server - what is it?

A proxy server can be compared to an intermediary that is located between the computer and the servers to which we connect. A proxy server can perform certain functions. Its main task is to hide our IP number, which makes you anonymous online. Then there is no chance that someone will break into our computer and take control over it. If this topic interests you, please visit This is a website of a company that specializes in providing local proxy servers that are of high quality and thus guarantee the highest level of privacy. Offer only applies to legitimate proxies that are used exclusively on the network operated by the company.

How do proxy servers work?

Each computer has an IP number - it is unique and assigned to each computer. If you connect to the Internet and we do not use a proxy server, you must understand that our IP address can be seen by everyone. Of course, you have to remember that this opens up a very large field for various types of abuse and can be used by cybercriminals. Each proxy server has its own IP address. It is used on our behalf, which means that our computer's IP does not appear in the Internet space. The proxy server acts as a kind of box through which it forwards the signal. if you decide to use such a solution, remember to choose the really proven one. These are the aforementioned local proxy servers, which are provided by reputable companies. An additional advantage is the use of the backconnect model.