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Styling Tips for a Job Interview for Men from

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If you are a man and you are not very much into fashion and personal styling, we get it. Men often have other things they focus on and tend to wear one or two things again and again.

Nothing wrong with that, but for such occasions like a job interview - job posting, you might need a little more effort than you are used to. So if you have trouble picking something nice yet comfortable, just follow this basic advice.

What not to do    

Sometimes it is simpler to determine what types of outfits you should avoid. So, let’s just say, you shouldn’t strike as overly casual, indifferent, extravagant or, on the other hand, very eager to please and impress everyone. That means no jeans, leather jackets, hoodies, washed out T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops or black-ties. We believe you get the idea. Don’t throw all the rules out of the window but at the same time, don’t try too hard.

Ask somebody for help

If you are not sure what to wear, browse your wardrobe with your spouse, partner, friend or a family member. They see you from another angle than you see yourself and that’s always a very helpful thing. In case you don’t have anything suitable to wear, go shopping and take them with you. And pick something that will be wearable for another occasion in the future as well.

A good suit will never fail you

And if you still don’t know what to wear, simply go with a suit. Of course, if the environment is informal and very casual, a shirt, a jacket and some good quality trousers might be a better choice, but generally you cannot go wrong with a suit. Our advice is to wear other colours than black and accompany it with nice leather low shoes, a matching belt, a tie and a watch. You will look elegant, professional, yet comfortable (and make sure you really feel that way in your suit).