Tuesday, 10 May 2022 10:44

Better productivity, and a pleasant work environment with office pods

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Disruptive sounds, lack of privacy, and easy spread of viruses and microbes are the main reasons why employers worldwide opt for Hushoffice booths.

Chatting co-workers, and guests in the office affect the ability to focus and work efficiently. Employees, trying to regain focus, often start browsing social media or sites unrelated to their work, which also affects the work time and productivity.


Acoustic booths - tranquillity and improved efficiency in the workplace

The perfect office pod must provide safety, privacy and comfort to employees using it. The modern office booths, in addition to a cutting-edge design, should meet the requirements in terms of acoustic properties and the highest standard of materials. It was proven that complete silence may be as harmful as noise, hence the interior of every modern office pod is adjusted accordingly, to provide the best acoustic properties to employees. The noise inside the acoustic booths is converted into 36dB, which is very pleasant to the human ear.

Separate office spaces offer better working conditions and less distractions. Quick-to-install office pods are a popular and relatively cheap solution for improving the standard of work. A self-contained unit gives the employee a private space to focus and work. Office pods are equipped with ventilation fans, electricity and USB outlets, acoustic walls, a double glass door, and ergonomic furniture, such as an office desk and chair set.

Is the Hushoffice booth right for your office?

Leading corporations, including Google, L’Oreal, Samsung, and Microsoft have been using acoustic booths prior to the onset of Covid-19. They alsogained attention internationally, as they create zero-disturbance, comfortable, and healthy workplaces. These unique office fixtures are available in all different sizes, and maybe used by only one person working individually or to hold a meeting, up to 8 people, and may be installed in all kinds of office space. The modules may be adjusted by the user and the office pod layout may be easily changed. There is a variety of secure office pods to choose from, depending on the purpose and needs of users.

Advantages of a hush booth

In addition to improved productivity (up to 75%), the office pod helps to tackle social distancing issues, significantly improves wellbeing of employees, and lowers stress levels. It promotes neurodiversity, cultivates the engagement of staff, and allows them to focus on their tasks. A modern office pod increases the small-meeting volume at the workspace, and adds space flexibility, as it may be adjusted depending on the individual needs of the users or space available in the office. Installation of an office pod is also a cost-effective alternative to building a traditional conference or a meeting room, and redesigning the office layout. It does not require any pricey construction material, the installation can be done in one day, and it does not affect the work of the entire office.