Friday, 13 May 2022 10:59

Forms of Egg Products Available for Professionals

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Egg products have become popular in the foodservice industry due to their versatility and convenience. An egg product is an egg removed from its shell through breaking for processing.

It’s then packed and available in the ready-to-use form. Most professionals prefer egg products because they’re economical, user-friendly, safe, and easy to store. Egg products comprise egg yolks, egg whites, and whole eggs.

Wish to learn more about egg products and their benefits to professionals? Below is a list of three forms of eggs that professionals use in the foodservice and commercial food industry.

  • Frozen Form

Frozen egg products are easy to pack, transport and use. Many professionals working in commercial food industries prefer using frozen egg products due to their long shelf life. With frozen egg products, you can rest assured of storing them for about one year. When freezing egg products such as egg yolks or whole eggs, you may need to use additives such as salt or sugar. These additives prevent your frozen egg products from thickening. Egg whites will freeze well without the use of additives. When frozen, you can pack egg products in Rigid containers, cartons and flexible bags. Want to learn more about freezing egg products- know more.

  • Liquid Form

Professionals in the food service use egg products like egg whites, egg yolks and a mixture in their liquid forms. The liquid egg products are refrigerated to remain fresh for a few days before use. Often, egg products are made in liquid form to allow ease of storage and transport. They are packaged in portable tanks, plastic pails, sealed polythene bags and coated tins. Wish to know more about packaging your liquid egg products? Do your homework to see if you can improvise various containers at home.

  • Dried Form

Drying egg products is a great way to increase their shelf life. When refrigerated, you can store dried egg products for one year. Professionals prefer using dried egg products because they are easy to transport, package and use. One of the most effective methods to dry egg products is spray drying. Dried egg products are used as salad dressings, pasta, and cake mixes in the foodservice industry.

Egg products are highly nutritious and essential in the preparation of food items. Professionals prefer using egg products in their frozen, dried and liquid forms. Contact us to understand more about egg products and how they can come in handy in food preparations.