Saturday, 11 May 2013 20:35

The Colors of Men Clothes Exposed Temperament

Men who like the white: he is a He is a standard perfectionist, and obsessed romantic elegant man. Memory occupied most of his mind, easy to do in accordance with their own feelings and emotion, narcissism tendency is quite serious, for the people around, always with a critical tone. He is elegant with the pretty taste and he is also romantic, if you give him the enough time and space, you can get his heart easily. The gentle and considerate emotions are greatly to move him.

What he tries to pursue is dynamic fit on the body and spirit.

Men who prefer black: This is the most difficult of fickle man. He is smugness, self-righteous, likes to hide his true temperament, accidentally reveal the pure heart. He doesn't like being to understand perspective, like do so mysterious; He also has a strong sense of alienation and loneliness, but also adhere to keep his own unique taste and lifestyle. So he is easy to live in their own kingdom, keep a safe distance with other people.

The men who love the gray: He is a contradiction man with the tradition and rebellious mind. In the work, love, relationships, if meeting the frustration, or not smooth, you can not see anything strange on the surface, but deep inside, it is choppy and hesitate. He used to live in their own imaginary space, to avoid the unpleasant things, enjoy the freedoms complacent state alone.

Men who like the green: he is frank, honest and natural man, like to return to nature, the pursuit of flat way of life, don't love extreme strong iron style, hope that everything is fate, live naturally, is easier to meet the status quo, heart is not strong, don't like dispute with person, easy to get along with people.

Men who prefer blue: he hopes to be a confident and graceful man with the pretty taste. However, in his deep heart hiding the uneasy element makes him be lack of the sense of security. So, you will show the gloomy expression consciously and unconsciously. For clothing, art and furniture, he has the unique insights and special taste, like to enjoy the freedom of life.

Men who like the coffee: He is a masculine man. He has his own personality and ideas, is usually easy-going, but a moment of encounter with his ideas have differences, the essence of the stubborn and obstinacy, and soon will explode.




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