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New Style: Dior Is More

In every fashion-conscious individual’s life there emerges a point at which fashion comes to a standstill and a loss for ideas takes over. The conundrum of “what to do next” haunts those who truly desire a completely remarkable look. In a world where high fashion eventually begins to blend into one big blur of radical shifts and ever-changing themes, there are certain fashion elements sacred enough to overwhelm blunders, and enhance good choices. The fashion gurus of

the past knew what they were talking about when they mentioned the “slightest details of fashion.”

Often, it is the slightest of fashion details that complete an ensemble, and reveal a world of possibilities the individual thought was impossible. After trying combination upon combination of colours, patterns, cuts, brands, emulation and dire fashion counter-measures, a person sometimes simply cannot figure out what is missing from their seasonal look. Is it those few extra pounds? Probably not. Is it the height of a chosen waistline? Probably not, as well. The master fashion key is most likely a simple addition which is hardly addressed by department store proprietors and so-called, advertising experts. That one special detail is eyewear. In particular, sunglasses are a proven style element which separates high fashion from the ordinary. Christian Dior has exclusive sunglasses collections unmatched in versatility and glamour.

Adopting a favourite pair of dior prescription sunglasses is a decision to turn a personal style into a complete and laudable statement. Since 1947, Dior has been innovating wearable styles that intertwine the best of European (especially Parisian) sensibility with functional attire. Dior sunglasses collections are now available to the worldwide community, and they never fail to complete an ensemble borne from the desire to go beyond the ordinary. Dior sunglasses are that pocket-sized, yet undeniably perfect detail which completes a look ready for the club, the beach, the workplace, or the “wherever you need to be.”

Dior sunglasses collections are extremely diverse and appropriate for all regions and personal styles. The Black Tie Collection adheres to classic looks. The Chicago Collection is a hybrid between active lifestyles and minimal demands. Croisette and Adelaide borrow from artistic and fringe Sunglasses styles of the past. My Dior infuses patterns, colours, outlandish frames and a party-like sense to eye-protecting accessories that are absolutely gorgeous and semi-universal. Thank goodness ever year, Dior sunglasses reveal styles reaching far beyond current trends. Most Dior sunglasses are unisex and have the curves, hues and shapes to make any outfit seem unabashedly “on purpose.”

Anyone can spend time at the gym creating a body to fit into a perfect outfit. Expensive hair care, shoes, ties, jewelery and four-wheeled toys are purchased to create that one-of-a-kind look. Still, there is probably something missing. In all likelihood, it’s how a person chooses to adorn the most important feature of all--their face! Dior sunglasses not only promote your smile, your attitude and overall personality, but they can be the capstone of your fashion choices as well. Sunglasses add mystique, charm and symmetry. Dior sunglasses add these qualities plus the satisfaction of wearing the premier exclusive worldwide brand of sunglasses preferred by more designers and fashion experts than any other. Dior sunglasses are a true treasure!




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