Thursday, 18 July 2013 15:54

Watches with leather strap are my favorites

If you are used to wearing watches with leather strap on a regular basis then you should also know that your watch has the chance of being worn out after one year. Similarly, if you wear the watch with no care or wear it in extreme conditions like cold weather or hot climate with high humidity, then you would let your watch end in just six months. So, some care is important in order to extend the life of our watches with leather strap.  All these things are important as
I have experienced the same with my watches with leather strap from Uretilalt (in Danish ure med læderrem Uretilalt) and I’m very much keen on taking a good care of my timepieces, since they are my favorites. So, I try my best to keep my watch which has leather strap, away from extreme humidity and extreme dryness as well. This practice has enabled me to keep my timepieces with me for a longer period of time and it has helped me save a good amount of money by not being involved in frequent replacement of leather straps. I would also suggest not paying serious attention to brands that pretend to introduce their timepieces with materials that are super resistant; the most important thing is taking a good care of your watch.

If you cannot make a decision on the type of strap, then you need to keep some matters in mind like the type of material, the color, finishing and most importantly, the one which goes well with your own style. In addition to that, wearing the same watch on a daily basis requires that the strap has a sweat resistance material such as buffalo, shark or alligator leather. Such leather is strong enough to produce a strong leather strap which makes the watches with leather strap a must-buy among different options.

Since, I engage in different sports activities on a regular basis, I go for the watches with leather strap that are made up of strong materials such as a strap made with cowhide leather – they give me confidence and a sense of strength; they also help me in achieving my targets. Other materials that are commonly used in the production of straps are lizard and ostrich leather which are very delicate and they bring a high quality finishing to the strap. But all of them require care at personal level and little carelessness may render a beautifully looking watch unusable – leaving you just mourning over your actions.

I would say that taking a little care may keep our watches with leather strap usable for an extended period of time. So, one endeavor is keeping the watch away from sharp objects. Another may be to protect the strap from sunlight, humidity and dryness. The most important thing is that a leather cleaner should always be used to clean the leather strap which many people forget most of the time.