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The Striking Hair Accessory- The Fascinator

ll women carve to make their hair look best every day and all the time. A lady with messy hair will look wonderful if provided with some frontal flings and depending upon the structure of the face straight, bouncy or curly hair style can be applied. Our beautiful hair adds to our looks and feminine personality. The appearances can be bettered by the use of hair accessories. General use of clips all the time, say in college or office is not something we can opt for special
occasions. For unusual occasions we need something different, an accessory that will match the class of the occasion.

The Solution

Fascinators are a genre of such outstanding hair accomplice that looks marvel in a woman’s precious hair. It has been in fashion for a long time. But with different style segments preferences and changing fashion statements it got hidden. It came back with a bang after being spotted almost everywhere and at all royal occasion by none other than Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Its sudden connectivity with royalty brought back it in trend.


• It is a headpiece which is utterly beautiful and looks classy with the attire of a lady. Found in variant quality and designs the users have an extensive variety range to choose from.

• They are accessible in wide range of colors starting from blue, green, black, red to magenta and so on and you have the advantage to choose any as per your preference and dress type. • The hairpiece is generally found composed of beads, laces, feathers and flowers. • They can be small and of single color. Larger than an ordinary clip, but small compared to that of a hat. The single colored large ones are favorable to be worn with long same colored gowns for any special occasion. • They are worn over head with the help of a comb, clip or hair band. The process is that this hairpiece is attached to the body of the comb, clip or hair band and so that they can be simply. • These hairpieces can be of single color or multicolored. The makers rather than using any single type of ornament compose it combining all the possible accessories.

Some Observed Patterns

• This hair piece is broadly found in black color, with a big beautiful black flower stitched over black broad laces. The laces are in turn, contain black beads and some long black feathers which are spread around the flower. This is perfectly strings along with the stunning prom night dresses. Being black in color it can be worn with almost any dress.

• For wedding purpose in case a bride wants to attempt for doing something different how about shedding the long veil and opting for a this full head covered hairpiece. Since wedding demands perfection this particular hairpiece can be chosen as per the dress color and quality. In general terms for brides the hairpiece consists of a beautiful white flower, big beautiful white feathers and long white ribbons with stunning and shiny beads.

Apart from specified occasion a full feather hairpiece of this genre can be used for a family picnic. Say in case your dress type is silky magenta mid length gown, then a hairpiece of long magenta colored silky feathers will just do the trick. Godwin Moses


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