Tuesday, 21 April 2015 11:24

The most unique woman – your mother

She is with you from your first moments in life. She supports you, shows you the world, teaches you about life. Your mother. And although she isn’t perfect, it's worth remembering that it is thanks to her that you are who you are. Do you realize how special this woman is to you?

PANDORA decided to carry out an interesting experiment involving mothers and their children. The children had to find their mothers from amongst a crowd of women using all of their senses, except for their sight. The experiment had one aim - to show that intuitively we will always find our mother, even being blind. Was it achieved - see the video at the end of the article.
This charming experiment showed what is most important - no matter where we are, we have the ability to recognize our mother. She is the most important person in our lives, so we should show her our love. Especially since over the years the roles start changing - once she looked after us, and in adulthood is time for us to take care of her.
If you don’t know how to show your affection or just want to get her a nice gift - click on the video and check out PANDORA’s latest offer.