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How to choose the source and fixtures for the tunnel lighting

Tunnel lighting steps: determining tunnel type ? confirm tunnel brightness and uniformity ? ensure the tunnel road type to determine the vertical illuminance, which is higher than the standard ? select the appropriate light sources and lamps whether the HPS or LED tunnel light? make sure how to illuminate and lamp spacing ? ??calculate lighting effects, improved lighting solutions  The tunnel lighting, in addition to meeting the requirements of the general lighting, especially
choose those who can still have a good translucent light in the smog formed by automotive exhaust.. Thus, in general, the high pressure sodium and is basely chosen ; if the short tunnel or City Tunnel mixed with a small percentage of diesel vehicles has less smoke, the fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamp that have good color rendering can be considered. The large flux of high pressure sodium or metal halide can be used at the entrance of the tunnel, with the development of LED technology and obvious energy-saving effect, the LED tunnel light will be the next best choice.

In order to solve the black hole effect and flicker effect in the tunnel, in addition to design reasonable lighting, more importantly, choice the reasonable tunnel lighting to ensure the safe passage of vehicles in the tunnel.

The features of Tunnel lighting should be: A. Light body is made of special aluminum alloy material, anodized on surface, high strength, corrosion resistance; B. reasonable light distribution with high luminous efficiency; C. airtight energy; D. the hanging, ceiling, etc., and direct fixe can be used to install

Tunnel lighting arrangement

? relative: relative and staggered arrangement is usually that the fixture is installed at one place between the wall and the axes zenith, rather than mounted on the side, the reason is to provide a good visual environment, so that the average brightness within the range of the bottom of the tunnel walls to 2m is not less than the average brightness of the road surface.

? staggered.

? middle: intermediate arrangement is that the lighting is installed at the zenith axis, but the maintenance is more difficult, it will affect traffic, so generally do not take this approach.

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