Tuesday, 09 July 2013 10:00

Republic Wireless = saving

Mobile phones have become a crucial part of our daily life. Now everyone – from teenagers to old men – have mobile phones . And since you have a phone, you also have bills that are often higher than your family budget. But how can you avoid paying more than you are supposed to, when you have to keep in contact with your partner, friends, employee, mother or grandmother?
Well, there is a way of keeping your phone bills within your budget and more precisely- a new mobile deal from Republic Wireless.

If you think that the level of absurdity has exceeded, the latest video of Republic Wireless will make you think about it. Incredibly eccentric actors, present the main advantage of the tariff which for only $19 a month, allows you to talk endlessly.
Watching this video we cannot really say if we are seeing the real deal, or the numerous attempts to have a perfect the presentation of the offer. But that is not important – the Texan accent, unorganised, but humorous speaking without a doubt will stay in the viewer’s mind.

It may seem risky and unreal, but it most certainly is not. Republic Wireless came up with a new tariff plan, which not only offers unlimited minutes, it also offers unlimited data and texts with no contract! And if this is not enough to convince you of this brilliant deal, check out the video that presents this deal. Why overpay on everything, when you can talk and use your mobile endlessly with Republic Wireless?