Sunday, 01 September 2013 20:07

Modern life crammed into a smartphone

Sony has once again decided to surprise its customers by producing a mobile phone which is simple, while at the same time containing a vast amount of innovative design.  It’s hard to talk about simplicity in the era of smartphones, but when you look at the new Xperia G, it’s an example of exactly that, while at the same time it wins the hearts of all those who love novelty.   

The Xperia series is the greatest pride of Sony – it is the series which currently contains the greatest number of phones categorized as ‘top-class’.  Looking at its parameters, it’s hard not to agree with this statement. The highest quality displays, cameras and as far as mobile phones are concerned, an incredibly fast microprocessor. These are the qualities which cause the Xperia to gain more and more fans each year.
So what sets the Xperia G apart from the rest? First and foremost – the modern design, which not only allows the phone to physically bend, but also… allows it to be placed anywhere without the fear that the display will get scratched. It’s quite a leap forward for smartphones – anyone who has a touchscreen phone knows, that the luxury of its use progressively ends with the ever larger amount of scratches it gains over time.  Not anymore! An Xperia G phone is made of the best materials available, which are resistant to the most common kinds of damage.  What else? The battery has a solar panel on the bottom and at the back of the phone, 6 GB of RAM, an 18.7 Megapixel main camera, which records in HD and 3D and a security system which protects your data, allowing you to search for your phone on the internet in the event of its loss.  Don’t wait! Give in to the temptation to test all the features of the Sony Xperia G today.



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