Wednesday, 09 December 2015 15:12

Viewing pleasure

There is nothing more pleasant for a lover of cinematography on a winter’s evening than to sit in a comfortable chair with a cup of hot tea and watch a good movie.

Every movie fan knows this blissful feeling. However, in order to get the same pleasure from watching films on TV as a visit to the cinema, you have to have the right equipment at home. Over the last few dozen years, these devices have been constantly evolving. Older people still remember the first CRT black-and-white televisions, then the first colours appeared, as well as Rubin TVs that sometimes exploded. Over time, they started to produce bigger and flatter TVs, and finally started to use innovative technologies in their production such as LCD or LED screens, and now OLED. What should you choose when electronics manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo each other in producing modern TVs with innovative technologies?

One of the most interesting offers currently on the market are TVs by LG, a brand which for many years has been the leader in the production of high-quality audio and video equipment. The innovative OLED technology is used in the production of the latest models. A screen with this technology gives a much better picture than traditional LED or LCD screens. The difference is truly colossal. The use of this technology in the design of modern televisions is often compared with another milestone - the introduction of modern, high-quality touch screens in smartphones in the phone industry.


High image quality in LG TVs with screens produced using OLED technology is mainly possible thanks to the high contrast of black relative to other colours. The extremely intense black colour of the screen is a perfect background that brings out the beauty of other colours. It is safe to say that blacks, and hence other colours, have never been so brilliant.

But now you might ask yourself: Is it really possible that the colours on TV can be even more vivid? After all, every manufacturer assures us that it is his product that offers the highest quality and ensures the best colours.

There is only one way to find out - you can go to the manufacturer's website and check the images comparing the picture of TVs with LED and OLED screens. However, we think it’s more interesting to watch the cutscene promoting the LG TVs using the latest OLED technology. This brief ad shows in a fun, yet effective way, how black brings out the beauty of other colours. It shows that specialists from LG pay attention to every detail. It is important to them that every customer is satisfied and has the opportunity to familiarise himself with it in an unusual way.