Tuesday, 01 October 2013 13:20

Future Shop – Your ideal store

Countless well-known brands and hundreds of products – this is something we all look out for. We like choice, especially when it comes to electronics.

That is why we created Future Shop - a shop where you can literally find everything. Nikon, LG, Samsung, Sony, Apple, HP, HTC ... are just some of the most popular brands whose products can be found at Future Shop. Hundreds of cameras, tablets, smartphones and every other type of electronic device you can think of are all waiting for you.

Our best example: the new Nikon1 J3 – an advanced compact camera with mirrorless interchangeable lenses. This little beauty has an easy to use interface, five shooting modes and many other features including Live Image Control, Motion Snapshot or Best Moment Capture. The camera also allows you to swap lenses, therefore broadening the range of photographic techniques available. The standard zoom lens is great for wide-angle shots, whereas a substitution for the super-telephoto lens will let you capture intricate details on distant subjects. The J3 claims to be the world’s fastest high speed continuous shooting camera available, with the ability to take a breathtaking 15 frames per second in continuous auto-focus mode and 60 fps with fixed point auto focus. All this high-end technology, but in a portable and convenient point and shoot camera.

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