Wednesday, 16 October 2013 14:45

Sneaky cookies

Did you know that every day you are spied upon, almost at every turn? Did you know that as soon as you talk to your friends, someone can intercept your data? This happens in a very easy way – by means of so-called ‘cookies’.

The Internet – it’s the place where we look for information, play and meet with friends. But it turns out, that it’s very easy to leave access to our personal data there, by agreeing to the use of cookies. Usually these are files created by private companies, whose aim is to get as much data about us as possible. But why? Mostly, for advertising purposes, but this data can also be used against us. This is why the EU has decided to update the laws related to data protection on the Internet and, more importantly, to unify these laws in the countries involved. All this has been done, in order to assure us that all the various data collected from cookies goes to a single, trusted place.