Thursday, 14 November 2013 16:02

Tips and tools for watch repair

For many of us, watches are our prized possessions and it breaks our heart if anything happens to them. Going to the watch repair shop every time something minor happens can be a pretty expensive affair and it may so happen that the watch could have been easily fixed at home.

So, here are some tips to help you in your watch fixing endeavor. Also, here is a list of things you will be needing before you embark on your mission. For watch accessories online ordering is a safe option and you are good to go.

Tips Checking battery contacts- Check the battery contacts to see whether there is a problem with the connection due to dirt or dust. A magnifying glass may be needed for this and you might just find out that the battery has not been placed properly for the timepiece to work accurately. Test out the contacts by taking the battery out and rubbing them with a clean piece of cloth. If the connections have gunk on them, take an extremely fine piece of sandpaper to rub it clean of any dirt.

Drying up with hairdryer- Contrary to your liking, your timepiece will not be able to withstand weather conditions like icy, cold weather or damp and rainy weather of tropical areas. These kinds of conditions may lead to the timepiece stopping temporarily. After taking the back off from the timepiece, if you can find any trace of moisture or condensation, try using a hairdryer and setting it on low setting to dry it off. Test the working next day and if it still does not work, take the help of professionals. Changing the battery- Often, a simple solution to tackle a defunct watch is to change the battery. The watch may be new but you have to remember that it had been working in the shop for sometime and thus using the battery; so chances are that the battery has become dead and needs to be replaced. You can buy the battery and other watch accessories online.

Checking the seal and case- When the timepiece works, it is protected by the case outside. It may be so that your timepiece is bumped very often and almost regularly. If that does happen to you, the case should be checked as a probable cause of the problem. If the seal that comes with a new timepiece is broken in any case, the timepiece will not be functioning properly and may stop altogether.

Supplies and tools needed for watch repair

Some of the basic tools needed are workbench or work area, good lamp, tweezers, magnifying glass, cleaning solutions, screwdrivers, peg wood, knife, oil, sandpaper or Emory cloth. The cleaning solution should be waterless; it will be best for your watch's longevity and health. Special synthetic watch oils are also available which you can buy.

Try these basic tips in case your timepiece has some minor problems; but in case these do not work, the problem with your timepiece may be serious and then, it would be best to take the help of professionals. You can buy repairing tools and watch accessories online.