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Canon Expert compact cameras


With an exciting blend of cutting-edge technology, market-leading optics and intuitive manual control, our expert compact cameras will inspire your passion for photography and help you deliver stunning results. Designed for advanced photographers, expert compacts feature full manual control, refined ergonomics and exceptional low light performance.


The flagship PowerShot G1 X Mark II has a large, 1.5-type sensor and sharp, bright zoom lens for capturing the highest quality images, similar to a DSLR. For impressive image quality and expert control, but in a truly pocketable form, the super responsive PowerShot G7 X, has a large 1.0-type sensor, plus a full range of advanced features. Meanwhile the PowerShot G16 and the PowerShot S-series are great for advanced image quality and creative control and offer excellent portability.

For the ultimate in image quality our Premium expert compact range offers cameras with large, high sensitivity sensors, bright, wide-aperture zoom lenses and DSLR-level command over settings. With the power of a large sensor you can enjoy greater creative control over depth of field for professional-looking, out-of-focus backgrounds. Plus you can shoot stunning images in extremely low light, thanks to exceptionally low noise levels even with high ISO sensitivity.


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