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Pure business style Dell Latitude E6530 evaluation

Latitude as dell commercial high-end series laptop product, has been adhering the exquisite workmanship technology and sedate appearance design, this series notebook is mainly applied in business field, the biggest characteristic is stable, safe and efficient, and the functions and characteristics also favored by a lot of business people.

At present, the hardware configuration of all series notebook have been updated, and for commerce and industry users accustomed to still using the traditional interface, docking and safety consideration for fingerprint identification.

Dell Latitude E6530, is basically the same with Dell Latitude E6430 , just the mold used the 15.6 inches large proportion of the body, so that users can not only get good visual effect through the screen, at the same time, the interface layout is more reasonable, and the heat dissipation space will be relatively more comfortable.
At the hardware configuration, Dell E6530 using the third generation intelligent Intel core vPro processors i5 3220M, equipped with Intel QM77 chipset, 500GB 7200 RPM mechanical hard drive, as well as two 2GB DDR3 1600MHz high speed memory capacity, in terms of Graphic, the model uses Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics core. And here you can get the Intel HD Graphic 4000 Drivers.
Traditional keyboard feel comfortable Double touch method is more comprehensive
Dell Latitude E6530 uses 15.6 inch LCD screen, the best resolution is 1600 * 900 resolution, the fog screen design for business users especially outdoor workers, application is very extensive, even if the ambient light very complicated, the user can clearly distinguish the screen content. Especially in view of the text, the fog screen can be easily read without adjust the screen angle. In addition, DELL E6530 retained the traditional notebook screen hook and a rotating shaft structure, the largest screen opening and closing angle up to 180 degrees.

'Before introduce other features, you can get drivers for the drivers from here: Dell Latitude E6530 Drivers Download.
In the material, Latitude E6530 is considered fairly comprehensive, the whole body is wrapped up with metal, DELL officially known as Tri-metal, and top part adopts the aluminum alloy material, surface adhesion metal wire drawing process. Even more critical is that the Tri-metal design of the body with reinforced magnesium alloy frame type, which can improve the notebook strength greatly, ensure the internal hardware system security, even accidentally drop can also reduce the loss to the lowest.

The biggest bright spot for Latitude E6530 Dell roof is the drawing of anodic alumina production process, exquisite dark grey brushed metal texture effect appears in the refraction of light, and the top surface is very smooth, in addition, in the middle of the position is still placed in the iconic “DELL” metal LOGO.

Dell Latitude E6530 pointer adopts two kinds of different control method, it is a little similar to the ThinkPad series. Compared with ordinary touchpad, Dell Latitude E6530 touch feeling is more comfortable. And above is equipped touch key with the original TrackPoint, at the same time also provides the scroll buttons, applied to webpage browsing. On the right side of touch panel, is equipped with a printing press icon and fingerprint recognizerScience Articles, it represents the machine has the NFC near field communication function.

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