Monday, 08 June 2015 12:03

Motorola – the hands-free phone

Each of us would like to be able to perform several tasks simultaneously. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. We only have two hands and it is often the case that we suddenly have to pick up an unannounced telephone call and delay what we were doing. What if you could have another pair of hands or a servant who would pick the phone up for you?

Motorola - a phone that doesn’t need to be operated

Motorola has introduced a modern smartphone, which is not only intuitive, but also doesn’t require manual operation. You can navigate using your voice. You can call, write messages, post messages on social networks and open applications using your voice. It’s also easy to turn the volume down of a ringing phone by gesture command. The latest smartphone from Motorola is extremely clear and easy to use. You don’t need any instructions. Your imagination and willingness to explore the capabilities of the phone are enough.
Motorola has a number of other advantages. The phone looks modern and aesthetic. It has a strong metal housing with an interesting curved appearance. It has a large 5.2" screen, which guarantees easy Internet surfing. A beautiful picture from the HD display allows for even more enjoyable viewing of photos and videos. And on top of that you get the latest version of Android. What more can you ask for?