Thursday, 08 October 2015 12:25

Which tablet to get?

It can be hard to compare tablets when there are so many out there with so many different features. Trying to decide which tablet to get can get so overwhelming you give up on it. It doesn’t have to be that way if you remember that there are places you can go that have already broken down the information so it is easily digestible.

WhichToGo knows that knowledge is power, but that knowledge without direction is pointless. The reviews on their site set a standard for how it should be done.

Do you need a tablet or an e-reader?
The first thing you have to know before you start comparing is whether or not you are looking for a tablet or an e-reader. This gets tricky because the features and functions cross over both forms. One of the benefits of getting an e-reader is their screens are more designed to recreate the experience of a book, allow for note-taking and are easy to handle like a book or magazine. One of the benefits of a tablet is that you can do much of that, but it can function easily as a way to connect and surf the Internet, plus it is easy to play games and watch movies on too. You should read more in-depth about how to choose which one you are looking for before picking an e-reader or a tablet.

How kid friendly is it really?
A lot of people look to tablets as the best way to get their kids on their own devices. There are tablets that are specifically designed to be kid friendly, and they aren’t always the ones colored like they came right out of a Disney movie. When you compare tablets look for the thickness of the case, sensitivity of the touch screen, speakers and durability to know if it is one that will really work with children.

What about all the extras?
There are a lot of extras that can come with a tablet. One thing to look for is which one has the extras you need. Now, here is the surprising thing. Those extras - such as speakers, drives and more - may not come with the tablet but it will have the extra USB ports and plugs available to support them. Look to see which offers the most capability for attaching different extras. Just make sure they are actually extras that you really want.

Which models need extended protection?
Another very important thing to consider is whether or not getting an extended warranty or extended protection plan is worth it. Read the articles that address this concern and compare tablets based upon their warranty support and overall durability. The problem with some of the cheapest tablets that have some great functions is that they don’t last long and don’t come with extended warranty offers either. As you can seeScience Articles, if you take the time to do a thorough comparison you will be confident in your choice of which tablet to get.

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