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Body armor – the most protection

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Firearms are today the most popular type of weapon in the world. It is for this reason that the methods of protection against projectiles are constantly developing and taking new forms.

The main way to minimize the risk of losing life or health as a result of a firearm is a bulletproof vest. What's more, this vest has evolved over the past decades and today's tactical vests are characterized by lightness, flexibility and, above all, excellent protection. What does modern protection against rounds look like?

What stops bullets in today's body armor?

The most important task of any bulletproof vest is to stop the projectile that threatens the health and life of the person at whom the shot was fired. Interestingly, bulletproof vests are not a new invention, because the first model was patented almost 120 years ago. Over the decades, vests have evolved with the development of firearms to better protect people from projectiles. It is worth emphasizing at this point that we usually associate bulletproof vests with something extremely heavy and bulky. However, modern body armor is not only light and flexible, but also extremely effective. The secret of such a perfect balance of light weight and protection are the unique components that today's tactical vests are made of. They are used by professionals, so they must have excellent parameters. In extreme situations, a sufficiently wide range of movement may be crucial in a life or death situation, which is why modern body armor restricts movements as little as possible. This is possible thanks to special materials that effectively stop bullets.

Solutions that have shaped today's tactical vests

Soft armor is extremely popular, i.e. panels that are as light and soft as possible, but their specialized construction allows for effective protection against rounds. Thanks to this, the body armor is not only effective, but above all light, so that a person wearing such protection does not feel that he is wearing a vest. Another very popular solution today for people who value having a maximum range of movement are swimmer plates , i.e. panels that are placed on the front and back of a tactical vest. As the name suggests, these panels are so light that they are suitable for swimming. It is worth noting that their shape makes the protection area several percent smaller than in the case of standard panels. Their weight is only 3.3 lbs, however, they are able to stop rounds of various calibers up to 308 inches.

Today's body armor is an excellent example of the fact that modern technology is able to combine reliable protection with comfort and light weight. That is why body armor is so popular among professionals as well as military and firearms enthusiasts.