Thursday, 06 June 2013 17:37

Keep in shape with Coca-Cola!

Maybe you are one of those people who love to take care of themselves. The elasticity of your muscles, good physical performance, and most of all- excellent condition, is what you care about. Do it! Run, dance, jump- do whatever comes into your mind. And most importantly, never give up the pleasure of drinking Coca-Cola.
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Saturday, 01 June 2013 01:00

Healthy Alternatives to Sugar

Health is a growing concern these days. People are more conscious about the things they are eating and it does to their body. Studies have shown that obesity and diabetes are major health problems nowadays, food businesses have tried to help their customers by coming out with healthier items.Food and beverages are now available in all-natural, organic, and sugar-free versions. Diabetic sweeteners are also available to help control a person's sugar intake. Here are a few
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There are many things one can do on a daily basis to turn the corner on disease. While one might not be sick, the simple daily habits of living life can contribute to the quality of life and the enjoyment of living. Many think that a sweet dessert is "really living" and then they reach for an over the counter pain pill to feel better or a sleeping aid to stop the tossing and turning that keeps them from a restful night's sleep.  Acidity is a factor in the quality of life one has. The more
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 14:18

Defeat allergy once and for all!

Beautiful glowing sun, wonderfully blooming flowers and... Achoo. This is not how you associate spring and summer, is it? You are not happy when the nature is coming back to life, because all it means to you is having to fight with bad headaches, runny nose, rashes and watery eyes...
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Marisa Conoscenti has been following these self-created healthy-living guidelines for nearly a decade. Marisa Conoscenti knows that if you wish to live a healthy life, you have to eat healthy foods. Many foods that are available at fast food restaurants and even the grocery store are typically very high in fat, calories, sugar and sodium. If you are attempting to live a healthy life, like Marisa Conoscenti, you are going to want to avoid these kinds of foods at all costs. Fast food restaurants
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Thursday, 23 May 2013 17:46

Advice for new mums and dads!

Becoming a parent is an individual experience, which often brings a lot of happiness, expectations and anxiety to both of the parents- especially if this is your first child and you have thousands of questions and worries going through your mind every minute. Just for someone like you- a future mother or father- Pampers has created series of videos, which will give you all the advice that you need!
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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 23:24

Gift Giving and the Anti Kickback Law

Even though the Holiday season is long gone Healthcare Providers need to pay attention to the value of gifts they give or receive to avoid violating the Anti Kickback Laws. Providers may not accept any one gift with a value of more than approximately $30.00 or gifts worth more than $350.00 annually. The Government is concerned that gifts may cause billing for unnecessary services or may affect the referral of patients. Providers as well as their employees must not solicit gifts
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Exercise is the root of health, but lots of people take the view that there is no much time to take exercise, duo to the fast paced lives, so their body quality becomes weaker and weaker until lots of disease occurring. Seminal vesiculitis, a result of lacking of exercise, is very dangerous and easy to lead to male infertility, which will threaten marriage and health of next generation, so seminal vesiculitis have to be prevented. However, how to prevent it? Here are some
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Friday, 26 April 2013 09:32

Evian Baby&Me- find a child within you!

Have you had a bad day? Was your boss having problems to you about every single little thing, or maybe after you’ve got back home, your wife was there, waiting with a frying pan in her hands? Chill out. Take a relaxing break after this horrible day. Get on your computer, turn the internet on and join 13 million people, who were all amazed by the new Evian video clip.
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013 20:29

The Pros and Cons of Utilizing EMR's

Most of the advantages and disadvantages of EMR transformation have to do with the ways in which electronic medical records (EMRs) have an effect on the procedure of the typical health care clinic. With such modern types of technological innovation supplying many different advantages, a lot of health care amenities and doctor's clinics are hurrying to apply EMR methods. Certain governing bodies are actually supplying bonuses for change, however evaluating

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