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Healthy Alternatives to Sugar

Health is a growing concern these days. People are more conscious about the things they are eating and it does to their body. Studies have shown that obesity and diabetes are major health problems nowadays, food businesses have tried to help their customers by coming out with healthier items.Food and beverages are now available in all-natural, organic, and sugar-free versions. Diabetic sweeteners are also available to help control a person's sugar intake. Here are a few

alternative sweeteners to help people with diabetes:

Artificial Sweeteners

With the advancements in food technology, many artificial products have come out that can replace regular sugar and serve as a healthier option. These include aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, neotame, and acesulfame potassium.

These sweeteners have undergone efficiency and safety tests and received the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration. Food and beverage manufacturers use these to sweeten their products instead of regular sugar. Diet, low-calorie, or zero-sugar drinks also get their sweet taste from these non-nutritive sweeteners. These usually come in powder form but are also available in granular form for cooking and baking.


It is a fact that natural and organic produce are good for you. In recipes where you need to use the regular white sugar, substitute it with fresh fruits instead. Apple cider, sauce, or juice, pureed sates, raisins, prunes, and mashed ripe bananas are great sugar substitutes for dessert. Just make sure to adjust the amount of liquid needed in your recipe. Other than being a healthier source of the sweet taste, these add to the taste and increase the fiber in your foods.


Made from plant nectars and the labors of honeybees, the unfiltered and unprocessed versions are great substitutes for sugar. Although this is a simple sugar, you won't need a lot of it in your foods as it is sweeter than the table sugar.

Using it in your pastries and other dessert recipes is also better as it not only makes it sweet but also gives a golden, crusty texture. It also comes in different flavors, depending on the type of plant where the bees gathered the nectar. This can add a richer flavor to foods.

Cane Sugar

This is the basic form of the regular table sugar. Cane sugar comes from sugar cane juice extracted by crushing the cane. This is better than the white sugar since this does not contain any artificial chemicals or undergo any refining or bleaching process.

Different forms like the muscovado, turbinado, and demerara sugar can dry on their own to retain their nutrients and to minimize the loss of flavor.

Maple Syrup

This popular pancake and waffle topping is made from the boiled sap of the maple tree. Much like honey, this is sweeter than regular sugar, so you won't need a lot of it. This cuts down on your sugar intake. The natural products are available in most grocery stores. Learn more information here about artificial sweeteners.




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