Wednesday, 10 April 2013 10:31

The triangle of beer power according to Hahn Super Dry

Have you ever wondered how you or your friends behave drinking beer? This question is only apparently absurd – in truth drinking beer with friends is one o the social behaviour while we’re wearing masks and playing roles. What kind of behaviour was observed by Hahn’s experts?

Watching people drinking beer, they reflected that there are three main types of people savouring golden drink. They are: Columbus, Round Shark and Round Dodger. Let’s look at them.
Columbus loves to discover new lands – thanks to him party is starting up and first mugs are knocked back. He is so generosity that he’s serving first round so that company could start the meeting. He’s not doing that unselfishly – Columbus is satisfied with the fact that thanks to him ordinary meeting in pub is thriving.
Round Shark is a hunter. He’s not a part of the company – in truth he’s not a part of any group. He comes to pub to hunt for suckers thanks who he could drink for free. How is he doing that? Very ingeniously – to pay court to strangers he pays for one round. Then you know – when somebody pays for your round you have to repay him for that.
And the last type – Round Dodger – a pub star. He is the life and soul of he party and ruling interlocutor in every conversation. Apparently thanks to him the conversation hots up. He proves oneself in empathy and he is a real star of the company. But appearances can be deceptive – according to Hahn, Round Dodger is only  cunning fox that pretends to be emphatic and leaves the company as first. He can’t stand talking about other’s problems for too long – it’s better to change the club.
And which type do you think you are?

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