Friday, 03 May 2013 15:50

A new perspective on the music video clips

Looking at today’s music , you can probably assume that you have seen almost everything- Lady Gaga with meat hanging on her body, Rihanna rocking out in retro style or Gorrillaz cartoon video clip. Although it may seem as nothing else may surprise you, I can tell you that you are wrong.
There is still some space for new innovation, and Peter Andre’s latest work is a proof of it. Peter Andre came up with a very unique idea of creating a music video clip from amateur video clips filmed by his fans. Until then, all the other videos were fully staged by the directors, who usually focus on the artist and making him look as good as possible. This is something that intrigued Peter Andre, so he came up with the idea that what if instead of focusing on the artist, we would take all the amateur video clips filmed by fans and put them all together to create a new video clip?
Peter Andre argued that his idea will let us have music video clips, which will express the songs much better than the already existing videos, which are mostly very complicated, odd or simply pointless. In the long run, music and the videos should be created with the thought of the fan, and Peter’s idea allows him to create a video from the perspective of the viewer.
Peter Andre wanted to see if his idea will actually work, so he thought that he could test it during his performance at the O2 London arena. With the help of O2, Peter had a chance to conduct a small experiment and arranged a special show called ‘Fan Cam’. The idea behind it was not only to get everyone who was interested, to record a clip of the performance of a song called ‘Fly away’, but also to give Peter a chance to get close and personal with fans.
The idea itself sounds good- fans not only get a chance to get close and personal with their favourite artist, but they also get a chance to record a video clip for one of the artist’s songs. What’s more, speaking objectively, it is an ideal marketing catch, because how else can you promote your new album, if not by organising an event for your fans?
But, to see if Peter’s idea really worked and whether the video clip is unique, you need to see the video and decide it yourself.

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