Thursday, 09 May 2013 15:01

Kevin Wheeler- Zero to Hero

Kevin is a hero. He is a hero for his team, his mum and his neighbours. He is a hero, because he is somebody. He is very masculine, calm and patient, but he is also the type of person that accepts the challenges that not many people would.

If you can picture this- you’re somebody, somebody liked and respected. You have something that many call charisma, and others call crazy. Or maybe, you are just normal, calm and steady, but are ready to show a completely different side of yourself when it comes to unexpected situation? It does not matter what you are like, what matters is that you are ready to accept an unexpected challenge, as every real man should. Even if you think you are not capable of taking challenges, Coca-Cola Zero will help you!
The latest campaign of Coca-Cola Zero shows, that even the most modest guy - who usually just puts his head in the sand when it comes to unexpected situations – is able to become a real man. The Coca-Cola Zero helps everyone to build their confidence and ability to confront the most unexpected.

And also, what could be more appealing to women than a guy like Kevin Wheeler- crazy guy who decides to save his whole team, taking the situation as if it was nothing…

The latest campaign of Coca-Cola Zero is slightly different to what you have already seen- it pays tribute to sport-loving devotees across the country by telling them stories of their sports events, their most important moments- their ‘Moment Zero’. Moment Zero is the moment before the awesome event unfolds for a young Kevin Wheeler. It is the moment when he decides to overcome the most unexpected situation, which then becomes a legendary story. In this case- it all began by Kevin forgetting his hockey kit…

Maybe you should be the second Kevin? Try the Coca-Cola Zero and see that the impossible becomes possible.

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