Thursday, 16 May 2013 22:00

Creating Rap Beats

If you happen to be interested in creating some good rap beats for sale later on, then make sure of reading the steps that are given below. Know that a hip hop beat, in essence, is every element of a track under the said genre without the vocals. The first step in the process of creating these music tracks is creating a drum groove. The drums may be a drum loop. However, you could have the track designed through the use of MIDI. The groove must be around four until eight

measures in length. Should MIDI prove to be intimidating to you, know that there exist several sample discs around which provide grooves as well as drum loops that are without any royalty, meaning that you may utilize it without the need for permission from who made it. It also means that you need not pay him royalty fees for the creation of the said musical track. Once you are done with the given step, the step that comes next is the addition of a bass line, considered a highly important part of the entire beat which you will be making. This has to compliment the groove that you made in the first step. The part with the bass needs to be repetitive as well as catchy. Just like the drum portion, the bass portion could consist of a loop that is pre-recorded or you may create an original one through the use of MIDI. Should you happen to be not ready to create your very own bass section from scratch yet, then you can make use of sample discs. Realize that there actually is no shame with the use of pre-recorded instrumental parts, as every major producer has utilized these materials at some point. The next step is having orchestration added. The term orchestration refers to musical instruments which would support the bass and even the drums. This could be anything from violin parts that are short or even a few guitar chords. Utilize melodic or even rhythmic material which is deemed catchy and properly integrates with that track you are making. Samples must also be added to the rap beats for sale which you are making along with orchestration. Samples are a snippet of one recording that is pre-existing. Be careful when adding samples, especially if the work to be sampled is copyrighted. Ask permission from the original artist first if this is the case. The Islington Assembly Hall could soon be witnessing your beats! Lastly, have effects added. Some effects include reverberations and delays. These could totally alter the feel of the track you are making, giving it a character that is unique.



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