Tuesday, 21 May 2013 11:57

Estrella Damm good!

In the beautiful surroundings of Spanish Barcelona, the beer of real treasure is produced- Estrella Damm, the beer which is so tasty, that almost all fans of beer know about it.
This is not just a normal beer, which you can drink on daily basis- you have to admire and appreciate the depth and level of the taste that it gives you.
Estrella Damm is a Spanish beer which owes its fame mainly due to the unique taste and unusual proposals of ingredients. This company surprised many people, by producing gluten-free beer, which is of course perfect for people suffering from celiac disease, so not only does the beer taste unique, it is also suitable for those consumers that can use only limited range of products.
Today, we can see the new idea proposed by the Esrtrella Damm, which is called after one of the Spanish islands in the Mediterranean Sea - Formentera.
How does the company promote its latest product? Looking at the newest campaign, we can see that the company gives us the impression that beer is the key element in having fun. It also shows that the new beer Formentera helps us to find ourselves in any situation, make new contacts- and what’s more important, it helps us to chill out with other beer lovers.
Young, beautiful, smart and talented- these sort of people are the potential consumers of this drink. If you just add nice scenery of a summer beach party, then, it will make you want to get this beer. You could probably say that it would be hard to imagine something better than drinking a Formentera on the beach with your friends.

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