Thursday, 06 June 2013 15:00

The strength is in unity

Europe is the continent that has already experienced a lot of dramatic moments and events. Various types of epidemics, wars, economic crises and many more serious problems have been around Europe for hundreds of years and yet, it does not stop us from growing in strength. And now, it is even more important, as every continent watches and follows the development of other continents. This is why it is worth showing that Europe is still going strong.

After the outbreak of the economic crisis, as well as the information about the economic crisis of Greece, Spain and Cyprus, there was a big controversy about European Union being a misguided idea. This has initially led to many countries wanting to withdraw from the EU, in order to protect their own interests. But does it really make sense?

It is worth reminding ourselves, that the idea of integration of our continent came up in the Middle Ages. This is when Otto III suggested the creation of something in the shape of a large union in Europe. Although the idea did not pass back then, it did not die out- it was reborn just before the First World War, where not only countries such as Italy and Germany were united, but pacts were formed in order to balance the forces. It is the World Wars that conformed the European countries that only common and joined policy is able to make the law and order prevail.

The European Union was created in order to strengthen the continent's economy and to develop a position of Europe in the world. And it most definitely has succeeded - today, as one organisation, we can talk about the key issues, not only related to the world economy, but above all, safety. The aim of Union was also to promote and support individual countries- meaning that situation in one country depends on the neighbourhood country.

And so it is today. This is why it is worth asking- is it worth withdrawing from something that gives us the strength and helps us go through and reduce the effects of the current crisis? Or maybe leave the EU and hope for the best for your country? At least in the European Union you have other countries that will try to help your country. But the answer is left to you.

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