Thursday, 11 July 2013 11:39

Summer refreshment at Starbucks!

We all suffer in the hot weather, but it is time for it to stop! If for some reason you cannot spend the hot days sitting in a garden or  a swimming pool, but instead you have to go to work or run around the city to run your errands or sort out all your responsibilities- we have some brilliant news for you.
It is a common fact that nothing tastes more refreshingly on a hot day than an icy cool drink. This is something that Starbucks has to offer! All new and excellent products are created for you in order to give you the refreshment and energy that you need throughout a hot day.
The summer is at its fullness- high temperatures, long and draining days are the problems that you will most probably face at least few times this summer. When you wake up in the morning seeing a beautiful, but boiling weather, do not be scared and reach for the best- for the delicious iced coffee from Starbucks! The unique taste of iced coffee with milk helps you to get through the whole day without any problems.
But this is not all that Starbucks has to offer in summer- in its special summer menu, the company offers us a variety of frozen drinks, made with real fruit juice and pulp, as well as with a touch of stimulating and refreshing green tea.
The new Starbucks Refreshers has a lot offer, so why don’t you give it a go? Try these delicious and cooling drinks today- starting from Valencia Orange Refreshers - a wonderful combination of flowers and fruit of orange, cardamom, jasmine and apricot with soft green coffee, going to Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers - a stunning mix of blackberry hibiscus or Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers - a blend of citrus, mint and cucumber, which will give you a kick of energy!
Do not wait –try Starbucks’ latest specials made especially for this hot summer, and feel the refreshment and the breeze of the summer in everything that you do!

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