Thursday, 23 January 2014 12:19

Direction - Rio 2016

In just two years we will be able to experience more of the greatest sports emotions. On the horizon the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio are waiting, where we can support our athletes along the way in their hunt for gold. But we are not alone - the car manufacturer Nissan has decided to support us fans and our athletes from the UK.

What is the recipe for victory? Nissan responds: innovation, determination and support. Determination is in each of the contestants. If it weren't for this, they would never achieve the results necessary to take part in the Olympics. Support comes from the fans - every toast, every cheer and every reassuring banner lifts the spirit of the athletes and makes them want to give it everything they've got. And what about innovation? Well, here's where Nissan comes in. The manufacturer of this brand of cars starts from the assumption that if there is any gap that may result in a loss, it must be eliminated. So if you throw in a comfortable and reliable car, by which you can get to any given place, then you have no longer have anything to worry about. Support your Olympic contestants for the upcoming 2016 events today, and let yourself be carried away by emotion!