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Maleficent – A beautiful girl or an evil witch?

Worked on with great vigour, the film "Maleficent," starring Angelina Jolie in the title role, was inspired by the well-known Disney film "Sleeping Beauty." Maleficent was once a beautiful and good girl. Her joyful youth was interrupted by a war, during which the heroine defended her homeland with devotion.

A beautiful girl, trusting in people, one day discovers the pain of treason. This had a great impact on her. So great, that she was never the same again. Who are we talking about? About Maleficent, the character known to us from the story of "Sleeping Beauty", the evil and cruel witch who in an act of blind vengeance, poisoned a poor baby. This baby is Aurora, the newborn heir to the throne of this hostile kingdom.
Intrigue, betrayal and the constant question about who is good and who is evil – that is precisely the concept behind this work by Robert Stromberg, the well-known Oscar-winning production designer for "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland".
In the role of Maleficent we see Angelina Jolie. Sharlto Copley plays Stefan – Maleficent’s friend from childhood. Diaval, the loyal servant of Maleficent, is played by Sam Riley. The role of Princess Aurora is performed by Elle Fanning. King Henry is played by Kenneth Cranham and Princess Leila is played by Hannah New. The role of the handsome Prince Philip was entrusted by the director to Brenton Thwaitesowi.

As can be seen from the logo, the project is proudly promoted by Disney. But is the portrayal of "Sleeping Beauty" from the perspective of the Wicked Witch worthy of being funded by this great producer of films for children? We shall find out soon. The premiere is already on the 30th of May.

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