Friday, 19 December 2014 15:57


If you cannot get away from your phone, your friends are having to force you away from Facebook or you're addicted to Twitter, then we have something for you! TELUS has decided to implement an interesting campaign for the upcoming Christmas period. So what is it all about?

TELUS has prepared eight simple tips to achieve one goal - to disconnect you from networks and electronics this Christmas, and simply discover how beautiful it is to spend time with your family. So what exactly are these hints?
1. Do not throw yourself into the deep end - This doesn’t mean that you immediately have to turn off your cell phone, because you will come back to it just as quickly – like a heavy smoker returns to cigarettes. Rather, try to use the method of small steps and at the start, just turn off your devices while socializing with friends.
2. Tell the world about your intentions. – Thanks to this, your friends will not be surprised that they cannot contact you.
3. Turn off the notifications function on your phone and tablet. This way you will not be tempted to check who wrote what.
4. Remove any unnecessary applications.
5. Think of it as fun and try to engage others into doing the same – for example, getting everyone to turn off their phones at a meeting. The first one to reach for theirs must have a drink as a penalty.
6. Leave the phone in a place where it will not be seen.
7. Set up auto-replies for those who want to contact you.
8. Determine among your friends who will be the one to contact you in an emergency.



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