Thursday, 16 April 2015 14:26

Disconnect your child from the screen

We lead busy lives. We lack the time to sleep, eat meals together or even relax. What's worse - we lack the time to raise our children, so we try to make shortcuts and sit children in front of the computer or TV. This rush has already generated some very dramatic and visible effects.
Canadian children spend about eight hours a day looking at various screens.

It's a shocking statistic, because it means one thing - almost no parent spends time with his child. The effects of this can be very serious. Children raised by television and the Internet are more prone to depression, they alienate themselves from others more often, they tend to put on weight and are prone to cardiovascular disease. The lack of movement in a child's daily life causes that it only learns a sedentary lifestyle, which for the body is practically suicide.

The reason is simple - we do not control how children spend their free time, and worst of all – we ourselves give a negative example, continuously sitting in front of a screen. We can fix this in a very easy way - by spending more time with our children and moderating how they relax after school. It really doesn’t take a lot to change this situation and to give your children a chance for a better future.

Want to know more about how to limit the time your child spends looking at screens? Click on the video!

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