Wednesday, 15 July 2020 16:35

Questions to Ask Before Considering Loft Conversion Work

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For many homeowners, loft conversions in their London home can be exciting. From the creative side to adding space and room to your house, there’s lots to consider. But before any loft conversions work in London, questions need to be asked. 

From conception to design and work, planning with the help of a loft conversion company in London needs to be thorough, even though it is often hectic. This can help keep down the cost of a loft conversion in your London home, as well as saving time. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most important questions before starting loft conversion work. 

What is the reason for your loft conversion?

When it comes to loft conversions London, there are many reasons homeowners decide on them. For many, loft conversions are simply about improvements that enable them to make it their home for many more years, an investment. 

A high end, professionally built loft conversion in a London home can add both space and value, making sense for both the short and long term plans. Loft conversions in London add various amounts to the property value and a qualified real estate agent can help you work out how much that may be. 

For other homeowners, getting a loft conversion company in London to do this kind of work is a short term space fix, often done to offset the need to move, preferring the cost of a loft conversion within their budget. In these cases, for example with loft conversions in South London properties that we have worked on, the cost of a loft conversion may be more affordable, giving the owner time to save money for a move a few years down the line. 

What Design Styles Work for You? 

When the cost of your loft conversion is agreed, it’s time to think about style. From the architect to the loft conversion company in London, you need to ensure that your design preferences are made clear. With such a choice of loft conversion styles available, research and clear instructions are critical. 

To get the loft conversion you want, detailed discussions with contractors are important, and choosing the right loft conversion company in London is also something to consider. 

Loft Conversion Projects: What’s the Project Timeline? 

Loft conversions in London take an average project time of around eight weeks. Naturally, this can vary, and depends on the cost of the loft conversion, the loft conversion company you chose, and the size of the build. 

Don’t forget that loft conversions in London need planning permission, so factor this in when you want to work out the timescale for the project. 

Will the loft conversion affect my neighbors?

Loft conversions in London need to be considerate to your neighbours, requiring their cooperation, especially in circumstances when you share walls or fences, as well as for access purposes. Keep your neighbours in the know, as loft conversions in London require this for planning purposes.