Friday, 19 October 2001 13:07

Online entertainment

We all dreamed as children of being like the heroes of our favorite books

, movies or cartoons, or online games riversweeps.

To spend an hour as Batman or Spider-Man, liberator Sinbad or dear Aladdin, and the girls always dreamed of living in a luxurious castle and meeting a beautiful prince. Escape from the terrible monster, avoiding its traps, fold the puzzles into a complete picture, put the part in place to make the mechanism work. If you are fond of battle battles, then try to fight with the strongest armies of the world at different times. And for girls it will be interesting to dress models, create hairstyles, makeup to complete the image and a decent manicure.


But not only for the younger audience there will be something to have fun, there will be a lot of interesting things for older people. Preparation of salads, a variety of confectionery, restaurants, organization of holidays, banquets. Even from the categories of administration, you can get a lot of advice on running your own business. People with a creative nature can demonstrate their imagination and knowledge by designing rooms or offices, as real professionals do.