Monday, 26 October 2020 12:06

With heavy-duty gas struts your cabinet door is not heavy anymore !

heavy-duty gas strut  heavy-duty gas strut 

If you want to ensure easy and pleasant use of cabinets in your home, even those whose doors are extremely heavy and therefore inconvenient to use - Furnica has a great solution for you!

Installing heavy-duty gas struts in your cabinets will help you to upgrade your home in a modern and effective way. This seemingly small change will give remarkable results and help you enjoy your furniture for a very long time. To meet your expectations, Furnica offers gas struts that are adapted to lifting cabinet doors weighing up to 20 kg! Yes, it's true.

This extremely functional device gives many possibilities of use, and thanks to that, it becomes possible to make a cabinet that opens upwards or a raised top. This allows you to introduce changes to your interiors, which, despite a small amount of work, will allow you to achieve spectacular and long-lasting results. The gas struts will certainly facilitate the use of many problematic cabinets which will effectively increase the comfort of work both in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement and other rooms where they have been installed.

Your choice of Furnica gas struts

Furnica provides you with the option to choose from numerous sizes of gas struts. In order to ensure safe and convenient use of your cabinets, we also offer you a wide choice of gas struts of various force – from 40N up to 180N. However, if you need the gas struts for specials tasks – we have something for you ! Choose our heavy-duty struts with force of 200N which will certainly facilitate the use even the heaviest cabinet doors. For the best results it is recommended to install two gas struts on both sides of the cabinet in order to ensure the safety of use.

What is more, Furnica allows you to choose from three different lifting angle options: 75, 90 and 110 degrees, so that you can make sure your cabinet fits perfectly. It allows to prevent blocking other furniture and save space in your home.


Although our heavy-duty gas strut is designed to lift heavy cabinet doors, a length of 269mm of gas springs will allow you to install them easily in a standard size cabinet. The assembly guide that you will receive with your order will help you go through the extremely simple installation process. Our heavy-duty gas struts work best for wooden and aluminum frame doors.