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Recent advancements in expertise have brought lots of changes to the world. Plenty of experiences have occurred since the net was introduced. area that has been positively affected by expertise is the business sector. With the advancement of expertise & the net comes online marketing; allowing businesses to expose & market their goods & services on

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Friday, 20 September 2013 16:46

Upcoming Punjabi movies 2013


India, is known for its cultural diversity and is the cradle of around 415 languages. One from these 100s of our languages, one is the centre of our interest today. ?????? or Punjabi holds its status as one of the sweetest languages spoken around the world. A simple expression “Pehen de takke,” sounds to me as sweet as a term of endearment rather than that of

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 23:24

How Movies and Dramas Shape Our Society

Everybody enjoys watching movies, whether you're at home or in the cinema. There's something about movies that leaves us wanting more. Some movies represent actual life situations, and that we can certainly connect with them. That's the reason movies play a really distinct and important role in shaping society. Because the dawn of your time, story-tellers have experienced an essential position in determining the social and cultural growth and development of the society.
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