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How to know true love

There’s one bit of unchallenged information I have about love which is; any love based on selfishness or secrecy is BOUND TO FAIL without doubt. Based on my research, love isn’t somebody's privacy but rather, a connection between you and someone on the other side. This implies that love is what you feel for someone and must be expressed spontaneously.
How can someone expresses genuine love when on the other side of the flip, he keeps things private? This is what almost all relationship cheaters. They keep things just to themselves and even choose to hide small things such as contact numbers, emails/mails/SMS, associates, phone calls, late night calls etc.

This illustration of relationship cheaters can still be used to define true love. In order to know if it's true love, you have to spot out if any of these cheaters' traits exist in your relationship/partner. This is just one way to know true love.
True love and first sight  truth is that, the internet, television, novels, and movies have made some of us believe that love at first sight last forever. Some authors and film writers go as far as programming our minds as to believe that love at first sight ends up as couple. Yes, in my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I accepted that sight attraction is what starts almost 85% of relationship today but to certain extent, is it not stupid to determine someone’s love qualities just by sight view?

Falling in love with someone for the first time and considering it as true love doesn't necessarily mean that you can predict the nature or future of the relationship. That’s weird!! That happens only in the movies. True love isn’t just seen at first sight. It takes a little more time to predict true love.

Way back in high school days, one of my friends met Melissa during one of the end-of-year parties. He was badly crazy the way she smiled, talked, and how her hair stumbled over when she laughed. My friend immediately knew she was the one. Few weeks after, they started dating, getting closer to each other everyday. Not that long, he amazed me. One day, he told me "The more I get closer to her, the more I become worried. Worried the way she behaves around her parents and family members. Sometimes, I just feel like turning my back when I think of her friends. Her intention towards the relationship only keeps pulling me behind. I really don’t know what to do." That didn’t surprise or bother me because his case wasn’t the first I’ve seen but what really amazed me was when he concluded "You just can't determine what love is from the starting point"

This phrase touched me because my friend at first though he found true love only to later discovered he was only infatuated. At a certain stage, it was certain they met only the outer shell of each other and the whole thing collapsed.
How to know if he or she is the one

A person can't just say some like "this is what I am, now you know everything about me." No!! It takes time and patient to know someone you’re in love with, for this gives you the chance to determine the nature of the relationship. True love doesn’t just happen overnight nor is the person who'd make a good match necessarily be someone you find overwhelmingly attractive. True love doesn’t hurt by time. So the best way to test someone's love is to let some time pass by. This time will be used to analyse who he truly is coupled with his personality and background as well.
This is how to know true love

In order to distinguish between true love and infatuation, you’re going to be the judge here and the following questions are what you’re going to pass judgment on, based on either 'Yes' or 'No':

Is your partner unselfishly caring about the interest of others?
Did romance starts slowly taking months or years?
Is your partner impressed of your total personality and spiritual goals in life?
Does he/she view you realistically?
Does he/she sees your mistakes yet loving anyway?
Do you both equally give and share together?

It doesn’t end there. After examining the above, you’d automatically generate certain questions in mind. I hope you must have done that by now but if you’ve not, these are what should be running in your mind:

Is he/she happy of our relationship?
What are his/her plans behind the relationship, is it love?
Does he/she show concern in my viewpoints or not?
Is he/she eager for the success of my plans?
Has he/she pressured me to do something meaningful to myself or in life?
Does this person turn to build me up in front of others in my absence or not?

What are your answers?

By now you must have gotten the answers to these two sections, right? What are your answers? If most of them match "Yes" then it’s without doubt your partner possesses genuine love (true love). So, the more of the “Yes” you spotHealth Fitness Articles, the greater the degree of the love.

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