Wednesday, 13 March 2013 18:47

Single Men In Australia – What Do They Want In A Woman?

Single men in Australia have a vast array of opportunity when meeting women. The culture of single men has been to have a beer with each other at the pub and talk about single women at their workplace, game or local bar. Understanding exactly what single men want is not an exact science. The answer to this question will depend greatly on the type of single men you ask.  

However, there is almost certainly one huge common element to a single man’s deepest desires that will capture their heart by a woman –
If you are a woman and reading this, it should not come as a shock to you, but around 90% of men’s deepest desires are to be with a stunning looking, intelligent woman. I use these two adjectives, because there’s a real perception among single men that women either have one or the other. Rightly or wrongly, the true reality of what single men want is a beautiful looking woman who is also confident, intelligent and kind. Men are very visual by nature and feel that a fine figure, good looking smile, sophistication and elegance really trump nearly every other attribute of an ideal single woman.  Do you think that’s unfair? Well perhaps it is, however it taps the very self esteem of their inner selves, like a hot button.
A man will feel good and feel attracted to a woman who in turn is physically attractive. That physical attraction in a woman is an attribute that will become a vice or addiction that most single men won’t admit to having, yet will readily feel is one of the most important feelings they must have to establish that connection with a woman.  Along with physical attraction follow a couple of very close behind other pointers. Women, if you possess these attributes, you will attract so many men, they will be knocking your door down to be with you:
1. Intelligence – Girls, if you can have an exciting conversation about politics, mechanics, cars, art, sciences or other fascinating subjects and you have insightful or knowledgeable input on these kinds of topics, you will impress your man and turn him on
2. Independence – Men always like a single woman who is able to make her own decisions, get places herself without being reliant on others, has her own property or business and takes responsibility for her own endeavours
3. Career minded or Entrepreneurial – Women, if you are focused and driven by great ideas and know what you want in your life – If you set goals and have great plans – If you have ambitions and are striving to be better at something in your life, this will attract single men in droves.
Knowing what single men want doesn’t have to be the mystery you all think it is. Life is simple, and men are too. If you have the right attitude and strive to be better in all these areasArticle Search, you will find your single men before you know it – The choice from these men will be up to you!