Thursday, 02 May 2013 18:56

More Singles are Using Christian Mingle

Sometimes an online dating site isn't used to find a person to love, it's used to find a person who lives like you do. As niche dating sites like Christian Mingle become more popular, researchers turn their eyes in the direction of online dating. Many of them are trying to explain why internet dating is so popular, but others are simply interested in the psychology of the people who use them, and how they do so. Gerald Mendelsohn is a sociologist and professor at Berkeley

 who says that JDate, Christian Mingle, and Muslima can all thank common interests for their popularity. Not all singles who use these sites use them for religious reasons, however. A growing percentage of members are interested in finding someone who shares a culture, whether it is nationality- or religion-based.

In contradiction to this, lots of singles today place a diminishing stock in picking a partner with identical religious beliefs. "While young people are more likely than ever to date outside their religion, those who still prefer to date within their religion are capitalizing on niche online communities," Cindy Huang writes. So while a growing number of people are willing to date anyone the algorithm comes up with, there is still a group of singles that uses Christian Mingle and JDate to find a partner who shares religion and culture with them. In the long run, relationship experts believe that the most sustainable relationships are those that are founded on values and traditions. Anyone with experience with dating knows that families can pressure you into dating their vision of the perfect person, but sometimes the best partner for you isn't exactly what your family sees in your future. Yet there are some parents and family members who are so invested in the person their children marry that they'll pay for online dating subscriptions, help write profiles, and even suggest people to go on dates with. People looking for love online may often find that those on Christian Mingle aren't really believing Christians at all, and the same can be true for JDate and other religion-based sites.

"It's ironic that I chose to join a religious-based website even though I'm not religious," Matt Wolf, a JDate subscriber, told Huang. Many people join these niche sites but don't practice Judaism or Christianity–they simply want to be with a person who has had similar life experiences. Huang, C. Why More Religious Singles are Searching for Love Online.



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