Monday, 17 June 2013 17:56

Sexy Girl Tattoo - The Top 5 Places

It's not just the design of the tattoo, it's where you put it. Some places are just plain macho while others are unbelievably sexy. In the right place that tattoo can drive men wild. So where are the best and sexiest places to get that special tattoo? Your Belly Button:- Belly buttons are sexy by themselves and the right tattoo can attract even more attention and desire. When wearing a short shirt the belly button tattoo is a really sexy addition. On The Ankle:- A shapely ankle peeking
out from below a skirt drove men wild in Victorian times and even though ankles are on view a lot more nowadays, they still are very sexy. I prefer the inside which is a little more unseen and discreet.

The Back Of The Neck:-

Always regarded as a sensual area, the back of the neck is another great place for a small tattoo. Easily hidden yet super sexy when revealed.

On The Hips:-

The hips have been regarded as one of the most sexy areas of the female body for thousands of years. Adding some feminine artwork to this area is sure to arouse interest when exposed.

The Inner Thigh:-

One of the most erotic areas to have a sexy tattoo is the inner thigh. Even when wearing revealing clothes this area isn't in plain view. People will get a quick glimpse of it which is intriguing. Just what you want.

There are lots of other places you can have a tattoo so don't be afraid to try somewhere different. It's you body. Take some time deciding on the actual design before having it. There are lots available so be sure to chose one carefully.