Tuesday, 25 June 2013 22:18

Wedding Buffet: DOs And DONT's Of A First-Class Wedding Buffet

Delight your guests with a first-class treatment. Let them enjoy the food, music and party. Here are some of the basic DOs and DONTs when planning and preparing for a wedding buffet. DO *Position the buffet stand in a big space. Give enough room for people who will be waiting in the line. The general rule of thumb is: the bigger the area is, the better. *Open multiple serving stations. Coordinate with your catering services to setup at least two to three sections.
Depending on the crowd size and menu list, apply appropriate segregation of the cuisine. For instance, arrange your buffet in such a way that the drinks would be in one corner, a little further away from the main dishes to avoid possible disaster.

*Assign proper seating and line-up sequence. Although buffet is designed to have a first-come-first-serve setting and apt for a less formal gathering, assigning a sequence of who gets up first will maintain a smooth and organized system throughout the occasion. Example: tables 1 and 2 could go first, followed by tables 3 and 4, and so on.

*Set the table in the same order you would for a sit-down dinner. Start with appetizers, then the main-course dishes next.

*Keep them fresh, hot and cold. Ensure that the freshness of the food is intact all throughout the affair and that the hot dish remains hot, the cold beverage or dessert stays cold.


*Serve something that looks inedible and unrecognizable. Chances are, they would be ignored so this is not a good time to be bold and experimental.

*Let the bride get her own serving. Imagine the bride or groom standing right in front of everyone hanging around just to have his/her turn. This is a big NO and definitely, this does not spell class and elegance. Have one of the catering guys serve them on their seats.

*Leave the station unattended. Always make sure that there is a catering staff readily available to assist anyone who needs it.

*Underestimate the amount of food to be served. This is a cardinal sin in any buffet. Ensure that you have an extra in store someplace. The attendees can bring home food in case there’s an overflow after the whole event.

*Show empty containers. If the dish is running out pretty fast, fill it up right away. Do not allow an empty container seen on top of the table. http://www.amazines.com/