Monday, 24 February 2014 10:11

Catch the wind in your sails!

What is worth seeing in London? Surely you would advise every tourist to visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and go window shopping in the most eloquent boutiques. Quite possibly, you would additionally remember to mention of St. Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey. And what about Cutty Sark?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014 10:44

New ski slopes open!

From Saturday, December 14th, there will be open Jaworzyna longest ski trail No. 1 (2600 m). Also the route and training lift for kids "Turtle" starts at the top of Jaworzyna mountain (1114 m). Snowing the next route continues. The temperature at the top is 2 degrees, at the bottom station of the lift temperature is -8 degrees. This can mean only one thing: the wonderful views from the top Jaworzyny Krynicka.

Monday, 03 February 2014 16:01

British Airways Spreads Its Wings In 2014

British Airways is introducing more choice and benefits for customers as it extends the number of routes operated by its new aircraft and increases frequencies for summer 2014 (from March 30).British Airways now has three A380s and four 787s. Thanks to the arrival of the new aircraft into the fleet, the airline is able to confirm that the A380 will next begin services to Washington from September 1, 2014

Monday, 20 January 2014 17:01

Why Group Tours Are Fun

How are you ever going to meet new people if you don’t go out? Group tours can be a lot of fun - especially when the tour company takes you to somewhere fun. There are a lot of different bus tours that you can take where you can go as a single or as a couple. The bus gets filled with other people who have the same mindset - meet new people and have some fun.

In today's economy, you might find it difficult to plan a family vacation that fits within your budget. However with some forethought, you can organize a holiday that will keep everyone happy - without straining finances. Here are some tips that will help you save money while you enjoy quality time with your family on holidays.