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Know the terms and conditions of short term rental Melbourne

Companies booking fully furnished apartments for rent Melbourne is nothing new. This has been happening since this concept came into being in the last century. And with the world economy taking a toll on everyone the concept has become even more popular now.

A short term rental Melbourne not only saves money for companies but also offers their travelling executives terrific options to stay in the city.  However, there are certain terms and conditions associated with all these rented apartments and it is worthwhile going through them before someone confirms the booking.

Most of these fully furnished apartments for rent Melbourne have a minimum tenure for which someone needs to stay. The rental for this minimum tenure has to be paid even when someone only stays for a couple of night. So, if you book an apartment where the weekly rental is $500 and the minimum tenure of stay is 28 days you have to pay a minimum of $2,000. This arrangement is very convenient for companies that continuously send their executives to the city. Some of them even book these apartments for an entire year.

When someone books a short term rental Melbourne they also need to pay the security deposit along with the minimum rent. In most of the cases the entire money has to be paid before checking in. Find out how the money needs to be paid. If there is the option of paying cash then how that has to handed over. Ensure that a proper receipt is issued against the payment. And also enquire as to when the security deposit will be refunded.

Then there are utilities. All the fully furnished apartments for rent Melbourne offer utilities like internet and telephone. And all of them have some ceiling on the usage of these utilities. If you know that you will be using the internet a lot or will make a number of calls then find out how much usage is allowed. Also find out about the extra charges when you go above the limit.

Gyms and swimming pools can also be found in a short term rental Melbourne. Since these apartments are all within complexes these facilities are provided. But find out whether there are any charges for using the gym and the pool.

When providers of short term rentals Melbourne are clear about the terms and conditions you feel more trust towards them. And this is the way it should be. Money can always cause friction and if this matter is sorted out right in the beginning then there could be a long association between you and the providers of fully furnished apartments for rent Melbourne.

When you go online to find out a short term rental Melbourne you should spend time on the FAQ page. There is no fun in booking one of the fully furnished apartments for rent Melbourne and then cribbing about this and that. Both of you should be clear about your expectations and this will result in a long association.

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