Thursday, 25 April 2013 23:06

Beauty of Al-Hana Mosque

One of the best ways to understand a country's culture is through its architecture, especially a religious building. Similar to churches you visit in Europe, the mosque is a highly attractive place to be when you are in a Malaysia. The Al-Hana Mosque is considered to be largest and most popular mosque in Langkawi Island. You will find this mosque fairly interesting as it holds a respectable history in the island: Malaysia's first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman was the

person who opened this grand peach-and-gold mosque in 1959. The mosque is conveniently situated in Kuah Town. Kuah, which means gravy in Malay Language, possess many facilities as well as attractions, making it a convenient and friendly place to visit despite the lack of beach and night spots. You will find Al-Hana Mosque easily located as it is just next to the Tourism Information office.

The Islamic architecture of this magnificent mosque is definitely impressive. Besides the gilded main dome, there are several smaller peach-colored domes surrounding it. The interior of Al-Hana Mosque is beautifully and carefully designed. It incorporates motifs and carvings of selected verses from the Al-Quran around the walls and fittings of the main prayer hall. Aside from that, there is a wooden minibar which is elaborately carved which serves as a pulpit in the mosque where the Imam (leader of prayer) stands to deliver sermons. All and all, you can absolutely see the infusion of Uzbekistan along with the local traditional Malay elements. The tranquility and serene atmosphere that hangs above the mosque is only broken by the Azan (the call of perform prayers) in the evenings and you will be able to experience the greatness of the mosque.

If you are visiting the mosque during Friday in the afternoon, you will be able to experience one of the main cultures in Malaysia where the Muslim men go about with their Friday Prayers. However, be aware of what you dress. As a responsible traveler, it is important, especially for the women, to wear clothing that is appropriate as you are entering religious ground. Sleeves shirt and short skirts or pants are prohibited there. Do educate yourself about the destination and knowledgeable with the local customs. This will definitely make your travel easier and enrich your experience. Additionally, you have to be aware of people's sensitivity to being photographed. If you want to take pictures of the Muslim while they are praying, you should ask for their permission first. Since you are in a different country, you should engage yourself in the local culture. Take it as a unique opportunity to explore a new culture and see the world in a different perspective. Of course observing the local customs is fine but you can also ask the locals personally to get more insight about their lives. You are traveling to experience and learn, so do not be shy to ask and learn from others.

The Al-Hana Mosque would truly be an educational trip to learn more about Langkawi's history as well as Malaysian culture. The next time you are in town and start thinking about what to do in Langkawi, this activity should top your list.

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