Wednesday, 19 June 2013 09:23

Multicultural Hong Kong

According to various travel agencies, Hong Kong is one of the most common places chosen by tourists for voyages. No wonder – its exoticism, modernity and opportunity to meet hundreds of different cultures in one place, are the main reasons that attract tourism to the country. If someone wants to travel around the world and can only visit one city in given country, Hong- Kong is number one.

The current image of Hong-Kong is owed to the branding idea from 2001,during which it was decided that the main promotion of the city would focus two things that symbolise the place- a flying dragon, and the slogan saying ‘ Asia’s world city’. Although it has been twelve years since the promotion began, both of the symbols are still present and are very effective, creating the common brand of Hong –Kong.

Thanks to this, today Hong-Kong is associated with modernity, progress and variety of opportunities for tourists and immigrants. Only here, you can experience cuisine from around the world, experience and test the newest technology and most importantly understand the phenomenon of multiculturalism. And although it is often difficult to know whether you are in the West or the Far East, everything here seems to co-exist harmoniously.

Hong Kong is a multi-dimensional city, so very few people can say that they know it inside and out.

Hong- Kong undergoes a continuous change, evolution and development, which allows a constant expansion of the city. In fact, it is difficult to find a second place in the world to alter the dynamics of such a striving place, which is continuously aiming for excellence and uniqueness.

Visit Hong Kong today and see how many faces of the city discover!