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Toyota Vitz-The most successful vehicle of Toyota

There is no surprise that Toyota is one the most successful company of all over the world .Toyota has constantly strives to produces high quality vehicle and Toyota has proves this in introducing high advance technology vehicles. Toyota Vitz is one the great example. Used Toyota Vitz has launched in the year 1998.It is a series of three and five door hatchback subcompact cars.

The first and second generations of used Toyota Vitz had attain in excess of 3.5 million sales in over 70 countries, as well as more than 1.4 million in Japan. Toyota has produced this vehicle brilliantly. It comes with high quality features.

World’s most favorite vehicle

Many people wish to buy this marvelous vehicle. It has a great demand in many countries of the world such as Kenya, Mauritius ,Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Swaziland ,Lesotho, Europe ,Russia ,Malawi ,Asia and many more .Numerous of vehicle has been sold every month. There are a lot of used Toyota Vitz in Japanese cars auction so you can easily import a suitable vehicle according to your requirements .These used cars are well maintained and they are at very reasonable price .You can easily afford .Buying a car is a big decision so there is good option to purchase a used Toyota Vitz through Japanese auction. These used cars are economical.

Generations of Used Toyota Vitz

There are three generations of Toyota Vitz .The fires generation was introduced in the year 1998.First generation was very successful in many countries of the world. It comes with 3 door hatchback and 5 door hatchback and has 4 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmissions. It has the capacity of five seats.

As far as the second generation is concerned it introduced in the year 2005.This generation has large space and it has an elegant look .It has 4 speed automatic,5 speed manual and 6 speed manual (1.4L Diesel) transmissions. Second generation comes with marvelous standard features as well as safety features. These feature gives a perfect drive .You will definitely enjoy the ride. It has receives five stars in crash testing from Euro NCAP

Last but not the least the third generation of Used Toyota Vitz was launched in the year 2010.Toyota has produced this generation with breath-taking features .It is available in so many vibrant colours. This generation comes with sport-tuned suspension, larger 16-inch alloy wheels and disk brakes on all four wheels.

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