Thursday, 10 October 2013 10:23

The CHASE 360 - Volvo vs bulls!

Volvo has surprised us many times, but this time they have gone beyond their own limits. After many spectacular tests, the time has come for yet another. In Spain, an incredibly well-filmed race was held. A red Volvo was chased after by a herd of 8 angry bulls from Guadalajara.

The great escape took place over a length of 2 kilometers and lasted for more than two minutes. The winding streets of the route show just how fast the steering is in the car, and how it behaves in such conditions. It is indeed a great car, impossible for bulls to catch up with, and so it arrived safely to the finish line first without a glitch.

Filming the entire project was taken on by Oscar-nominated director Henry Alex Rubin. 250 people worked on the shot with the use of 28 cameras and of course, the Volvo FL 512. The entire bull chase can be seen on a dedicated web page entitled "The CHASE 360". Everything can be seen from five perspectives. The first and most important perspective is from the Volvo's roof camera, which can be rotated 360 degrees. With the mouse, you can direct it to the place that interests you the most. The remaining views are from a camera located at the whee

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